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"Gordy is a DJ's" Top Tips for a Relaxed First Dance

Wedding couples often worry and overthink their first dance so 'Gordy is a DJ’s' top tips for a relaxed first dance is designed to help.

Gordon is one of our recommended suppliers - he has won multiple awards and really knows how to get a party started! His blog will hopefully provide you with some hints to ensure this special dance is smooth, stress-free and fun.

1. Try to make it easy. Don’t put pressure on yourselves to learn a dance routine. While this can work well if you have the confidence and time, choreographed dances can add stress to the occasion.

2. There is no law which states that you must have a first dance. Of course, this is often a lovely spotlight moment but if you are self-conscious, this can be your worst nightmare. Gordy is a DJ has in the past suggested to a shy couple that they start the evening with a family dance where they are not alone on the floor at all. This works well and an open dance floor soon follows. The pressure on the wedding couple is thereby removed.

3. If you opt to have a relaxed first dance, try to choose a song that means something to you both. Try not to lose sleep over your decision, which in reality is only a few minutes out of your wedding day.

4. An upbeat track is allowed, the choice is yours! While it is traditional to dance to a slow, romantic song, often couples prefer a faster number. The first dance will appear to pass more quickly if it is a more lively and light-hearted song! Slow or fast – there is no right or wrong – an individual preference always!

5. Sway or shuffle! While you can rehearse a few steps in advance if you wish, nobody will be judging you especially at this time. Your guests will simply be enjoying sharing your special moment.

6. Invite the rest of the wedding party to join you after a short time. Gordy is a DJ often witnesses the shoulders of a couple visibly relaxing once they realise they are not alone on the dance floor.

7. Gordy is a DJ takes ownership of your first dance. This not only includes introducing you as a married couple and inviting others to join. We make sure everyone is ready and comfortable including your photographer/videographer and wedding party. We also establish with the venue and photographer/videographer the lighting requirements to assist in capturing the moment.

From experience these tips have been appreciated by our wedding couples but ultimately it is your day and what you say goes!

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