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We also work with some of the best suppliers in the business organising everything from the largest Royal dinner to the smallest local meeting, each one as important as the other. These fantastic teams include musicians, bands, florists, photographers, cake makers, interior decorators, transport providers – the list is endless.

We want to share our contacts and their expertise with you through some of the following blogs and ideas. Please remember that this list is by no means exhaustive and you are more than welcome to use your own preferred supplier.

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The Bridal Courtyard at Trades Hall Wedding Fayre


The Bridal Courtyard at Trades Hall Wedding Fayre

We are delighted to have been part of the last two Tailor Made Wedding Fayres at Trades Hall in Glasgow, and are in fact preparing for our third visit to this fabulous venue in the heart of Glasgow city centre.


Preparing for your wedding day can be an exciting but daunting task, and with a million things to plan, for newly engaged couples it can seem overwhelming at times. That is why wedding fayres are a great place to start as there are many suppliers all under one roof. You might wonder why there are so many wedding shows to attend, so many suppliers that you need to talk to, and such a huge choice, and you would be right in thinking it is a difficult decision. However, there are a number of key things that you should keep in mind when deciding on what wedding fayres to attend.


This is often the first port of call for newly engaged couples and Trades Hall is a great place to start. Try to think about what style of wedding you are looking for and base your search around style. If you are thinking of a traditional venue with grand surroundings, but want it to be in the heart of the city (often quite difficult to find) then we suggest heading along to Trades Hall. It really is breath taking.

The Tailor Made Wedding Fayres are a great way to meet with your wedding planner Laura and to have a look around the different areas within Trades Hall that would accommodate your guests.


It is important to research your suppliers and make sure that they come either from strong recommendations, or have substantial positive reviews. You want to make everything run as smoothly as possible on the day and to help make this happen, reputable suppliers are a must. We have found, that the suppliers who attend the Tailor Made Wedding Fayre are not only warm, friendly and helpful, but they are professional in the standard of service that they offer. This is something that we, at The Bridal Courtyard pride ourselves in and as such, we want to align ourselves with similar, like minded suppliers, who will look after the needs of our customers.


It is a good idea to visit wedding fayres early on in your wedding planning process. They do say that forearmed is forewarned, and the more information you have, the easier the planning process is for you. Allocate some time to spend at the fayres, you don’t want to rush round and feel like you haven’t had an opportunity to talk to everyone that you had planned. The Tailor Made Wedding Fayre is quite a small, intimate affair and this allows you a good amount of time to talk to the suppliers, see what they have to offer, listen to the band showcase, visit the bridal catwalk and of course, sip on a glass of bubble (probably the most important part of any event).


There are a lot of wedding fayres out there in Glasgow that run through the yearly calendar and it is really important that you choose the right ones to go to. You might think that only the couples who have booked Trades Hall as a venue should attend the Tailor Made Fayre, however, with that mind-set, you may miss out on some fantastic opportunities to meet suppliers and snap up a deal or two. At first it might make sense to visit the large shows at the larger venues, however, feedback consistently suggests that these can be very overwhelming days for our couples and that in fact, the smaller, more intimate fayres are more appealing. Don’t get me wrong, the large shows are great for making sure everything is ticket off your lost and for finding out all of the companies who are there to help you plan your day. However, fayres like those at Trades Hall are perfect for spending an afternoon really getting to know your suppliers, in a relaxed environment and without being trampled over to get to the next best thing in the world of weddings.


We appreciate that choosing your wedding dress can often feel like the most important aspect of planning a wedding for a bride, and at The Bridal Courtyard we believe that every girl should be given the opportunity to feel like a million dollars on the day. We carefully select the wedding fayres that we attend as we want them to fit with our core values as a store, and the show at Trades Hall certainly works alongside those values of customer care, excellent service, and taking pride in the service that we provide. We are lucky to have built a strong relationship with Trades Hall and are delighted to offer our brides some exclusive offers through this partnership. We are excited to continue our journey alongside Trades Hall and look forward to welcoming future brides into The Bridal Courtyard to help you complete your dream look for your wedding day.

Jennifer x

The Bridal Courtyard