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Trades Hall of Glasgow - The venue that has it all by Piece of Time Media | Wedding Films

Filming over 500 weddings, now in our tenth season in the wedding industry, you get to know the venue set-ups that provide the best environment to capture amazing, candid footage. Trades Hall of Glasgow simply put is one of

the best all-round venues for this in Glasgow and a firm favourite.




It has everything. Space, without feeling cavernous. Elegance without feeling too precious for a party. Perfectly located to get brilliant shots around the city and if the weathers not on your side, beautiful big interior rooms. And not to mention Laura and the incredible wedding team who are always there to help, on your side and run a tight ship so the day runs not just smoothly but on time!

The layout of the venue is ideal with the ability to host each part of your day in a different room in the building. This feature allows your guests a new experience at each part of the day. It also adds to the ease of the venue in that everything can be ready to go when you arrive and is great for us as we can capture all the details and establishing shots straight off the bat, always a winner!

As guests arrive to the spacious Robert Adam Room, basked in natural light and the two levels make it really easy to capture loads of discreet, natural footage of your guests from an excellent vantage point. Not to mention the beautiful long and wide corridor from the entrance which gives a lovely long shot looking down as your guests start to come in through the front door.

We’ve covered weddings in both the Saloon and the Grand Hall, 2 wonderful rooms filled with history and character with beautiful classic, dark tones that look amazing on camera and again lots of space to work and capture the perfect angles. What’s especially great about the Saloon is the ability to perch a discreet wide angle at the back of the large chest, it gives a brilliant wide angle looking right down the centre of the aisle, taking in the whole room from the perfect vantage point.

You’re now married! Time for some drinks and photos. Located in the heart of the city, there are so many brilliant locations to go for your pictures. Whether it’s nearby down the lovely side streets or taking a wee jaunt to Royal Exchange Square, the options are plentiful and provide the perfect backdrop for a proper wedding in the Weeg. During the photo call, we tag along keeping in the background as you work with your photographer picking up loads of natural, fun moments. I love taking a wander round the streets and capturing the natural moments when the couple are walking together, beaming with happiness, newly married and having the time of their lives. It’s also always great fun hearing all the compliments from passers by and people stopping in their tracks to have a look at the newlyweds. That being said, if the weather isn’t on your side the venue has an abundance of perfect interior options, so it’s weather proof which is a big bonus!

Time to eat, drink and be merry. It’s always great watching guests looking suitably impressed as they arrive through the double doors into the grand ballroom with everything in position and all the table details and decoration in place. The room really is spectacular and bursting with history. When we’ve been shooting there it’s always been the caretaker who has announced in the bride and groom and introduced the speeches. I love this. It really adds to the feeling of a team effort with everyone in the building playing a part in the day. As the couple arrive and the guests erupt with cheers, the spacious room and grand double doors allows for a great ‘reveal’ as the couple appear and a good walk to the table so you can soak up the atmosphere. It’s such a buzz. When you sit down and take in the scene, it’ll likely be the first time in the day that you’ll be able to take in all your family and friends together in the one place which is just amazing.

When the speeches begin, the Grand Hall is such a great size and layout that it enables us to keep well in the background. A fantastic wide shot taking in the whole, spectacular scene and a long shot focused on the speaker. So easy and comfortable to work in and a great sound system in the venue so guests can all hear what’s being said!

Now time for a party and what a place for that. With its beautiful wooden floor there’s no need to lay a dance floor so the turnaround is always quick and the party can get underway post haste! With an abundance of space for an evening reception and the band to have a good set-up all the ingredients are there for a brilliant night. The dance footage from the Trades Hall of Glasgow is always some of the best. In the summer evenings, the last of the natural evening light gently comes in through the side windows creating a wonderful atmosphere and perfect filming conditions.

It really is the venue that has it all and always a joy to film at. Perfectly located for an amazing city wedding. Elegant but functional and with a brilliant wedding team, you know you’re in good hands for the best day ever.